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Player FM is here to help you get the most of your media consumption as you live your busy life. You get a cross-platform podcast app with no compromise: simple, intuitive, and with all the control you need.

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With over 3 million installs, Player FM enjoys a 4.6 star rating on Google Play and over 2 million unique monthly users. Here's why:

"Guides you to smart, interesting, podcasts" - LifeHacker
"Just looks amazing" - AndroidCentral
"Top 30 Android apps of 2017" - TheNextWeb

Sync all the things

Install and go! Pick up where you left off across multiple devices and the desktop web app.

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Protect your selections with automatic backup

Worried about losing playlist items? Podcasts disappear from the internet all the time, but Player FM automatically backs up full audio in the cloud so you can resume anytime.

Get organized

Build playlists to organize your favorite episodes, sync them in your account, and keep them offline. Remember favorite moments with time-stamped bookmarks and annotations.

Find your stuff, fast

Personal search scans individual episodes among your subscriptions and playlists. Full shownotes are searched to deliver anything you're looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for every device?
Your subscription covers Player FM premium on all supported devices, so you just need one subscription. Your Player FM account on all devices you're logged into will automatically be upgraded.
Is anything charged during the trial period?
No, nothing is charged. Our payment processor (Stripe) will only apply a $0.00 charge for verification purposes. However, there will be no charge for 7 days. You can cancel anytime during this period and you'll never be charged.

Premium features in detail

We set out to offer a real premium experience for all of your podcasting needs. This isn't just a "pay more to remove ads" offering. We love podcasts ourselves and engage relentlessly with our user community, so we thought long and hard about how to enhance a podcast app that was already well-accepted in its free form. Having heard frequent requests for the features below, we set out to assemble the complete package … and now you have a wide array of features at your disposal.

Our aim is to make your podcasting experience more enjoyable — read below about Player FM's premium features and decide for yourself if they'd come in handy. You may also click through for live-action screenshots.

These features sync in the cloud where appropriate and work on all three platforms where Player FM is available:  Android,  web, and  iOS/iPhone.

1. Secure your playlist selections with a personal full audio backup

Our cloud servers automatically back up all your playlists. Podfade happens, but you'll still be able to return to your favorite shows with full episode backups.
In Pro & Patron plans

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2. Find that show with full-text search on all your stuff

Search full episode shownotes on any of your playlists or subscription categories.
In Pro & Patron plans

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3. Be the first to know with Turbo Fetch

Set up high-priority fetching for your subscriptions. Leave the hard work to our cloud servers. They'll check your subscriptions several times an hour, saving your device's battery and bandwidth.
In Pro & Patron plans

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4. VIP support & insider access

You're in the fast lane with priority support. Patrons also preview new features and receive a quarterly update.
In Pro & Patron plans

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5. Sync across multiple devices and the web

Sync played/un-played status, play positions and subscription settings on unlimited Android devices and the web app. Enjoy a robust multi-device experience and safeguard your data in the cloud.
In all plans

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6. Take notes with bookmarks

Getting back to favorite quotes is a breeze with time-stamped and annotated bookmarks. You can keep multiple bookmarks for any episode, and they sync in the cloud.
In all plans

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7. No ads, no nags

Remove ads and upgrade promos on all supported platforms. Your support helps us cover server costs and ensures we can keep making this the best podcast app, today and tomorrow!
In all plans

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8. Get organized with playlists

Make as many custom playlists as you want, sync'd in the cloud. Each playlist has its own download options should you wish to keep some offline.
In all plans

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9. Sync when and where it suits you

Set up a personal sync schedule, blacklist unwanted wi-fi networks or whitelist trusted ones for download purposes. You determine when key network activity happens.
In all plans

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10. Power settings for powerful playback

Set up custom actions for sequences (e.g. double-click headphone pause button), shake to extend sleep timer, and pause between episodes.
In all plans

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11. Make it yours with custom themes

Build up your own stable of themes or choose from exclusive member themes. Our theme wizard will make any color combo look sensational!
In all plans

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12. All-in-one podcast and media player

Make Player FM your go-to app for personal media. Import local audio and video, organize them with playlists, and benefit from Player FM's advanced playback features such as silence skip, intelligent volume boost, and sleep timer.
In all plans

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13. Save oodles of storage space

By auto-compressing your downloads, Player FM can store more than twice as many files in the same space, without noticeable loss of audio quality in many cases. Recover precious device storage!
In all plans

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14. Recommendations for busy people

Looking for something new? Get on-demand recommendations from our content experts anytime. Real suggestions from real humans!
In Patron plan

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15. Be recognized for your contribution

Get the recognition you deserve for helping us build the platform! Your patron status shared on profile pages and public shares.
In Patron plan

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